Château Haut Saint Clair

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The technique is rigorously applied: grapes are trimmed before and after being dropped off the bunches, juice selection, and racking in vats without pressing.
Wine is put in barrels. One third of these barrels is renewed every year around December. Wines are tasted before each drawdown and assembled or not according to the tasting results. The final assembling takes place 10 to 12 months after the wine has been put into barrels.
The wine is bottled 20 months after harvesting. Our bottles are stored in a climatised room. They are labelled according to our needs.
Château Haut Saint Clair comes from old and well exposed vines offering a limited production. It is traditionally vinified and grown twelve months in barrels.
« Moulin Saint Clair » comes from younger vines. It is vinified traditionally and grown around six months in barrels, in order to keep the fresh, fruity and aromatic touches.