Château Haut Saint Clair

The Château Haut Saint Clair story

In the early 1960s (1962 to be precise) Raymond and Renée Le Menn bought the Château Haut Saint Clair domain.

As a building and civil engineering contractor Raymond Le Menn used to have his crops converted into wine by the Puisseguin co-operative cellar, which also took care of the marketing.

At that time their son, Yannick, discovered his passion for this noble beverage, which the whole region is so proud of.

Yannick Le Menn studied viticulture and oenology. He then joined with his sister, Nadine Pocci Le Menn, and they bought together another domain, the Chateau Bel Air St George in Montagne in 1978.

Yannick Le Menn converted himself the crops into wine in 1978 for the first time. Since then, he has taken care himself of the wine-making and of the marketing.

After Yannick and Andréa got married, they had launched a new company, which from then on has handled the familial estate of the Chateau Haut Saint Clair.

They undertook major restoration works to transform old buildings into wine storehouses for barrels and vats.

From 1996 on, crops have be converted into wine in situ.

In 1990 Yannick and Andréa Le Menn have created a second wine, which allows them to make a crop selection. The best vats are assembled and grown in barrels, labelled as “Chateau Haut Saint Clair”, while the second wine is labelled as the vintage “Moulin Saint Clair”.

The proportion between “Château Haut Saint Clair” and “Moulin Saint Clair” varies each year, depending on the crops and on the quality of the grapes offered by Mother Nature.